I Didn’t Choose The Van life, The Van Life Chose Me

Long before the van life movement began, long before Instagram’s obsession with “tiny homes”, and very long before the creation of this blog, a much younger version of me was spending her summers in a little caravan. At the beginning there were four of us traveling around Ireland for weeks at a time. Then we grew to five and our explorations extended across Europe, as far as Croatia. I didn’t know it at the time but these annual adventures were planting a deeply rooted love of travel within me. A love for temporary homes, for meeting new friends, for roadtrip music. A love for spending a week somewhere new, falling head over heels for it, and then moving on to the next wonderful destination.

Van Life

Back When I was Cute

Rediscovering The Van Life

Those trips are some of my best child hood memories. But, as childhood memories do, they faded over time. In all honesty I forgot how much I loved to camp, how much I loved the open road, how much I loved “tiny homes” until our road trip in California earlier this year, when we spend 16 nights in an Escape Camper Van. On our first night in Joshua Tree national park I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. As much as we loved travelling by rail and staying in hostels in Europe, it was this type of travel, this “van life”, that I really loved. I love the closeness to nature, the simplicity, the peace. And when we started to plan our next trip I knew this was the only way we wanted to travel.

Van life

So excited to start living in Jerry the Pajero!

Looking Forward

And from there the idea just evolved. We started off wanting to rent a camper for six weeks and travel as far as Broome. From there we realised it would be more cost-effective to just buy a camper. And from there we decided to extend our trip, and spend six months travelling around Australia. And now we are planning a trip with no definite end point, travelling all around the country and living off the grid while working on farms along the way. We’re not really certain what this trip will hold for us, but we know this is the kind of travel that best suits us. And, unlike in California, we have no deadlines, no schedule, and no return planes to catch! And that’s a really great feeling.

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