Lessons from seven months on the road 

In February we set off on the biggest trip of our lives. With few solid plans we were heading off to explore every corner of this huge country. I knew we would learn a lot on this journey, but I didn’t realise just how transformative it would be. 

We hit bumps in the road immediately. The campsite we wanted to stay at was full. The camping store accidentally kept our gas bottle attachment when they filled it up and we couldn’t cook. Our clothes was impossible to get to and Alex spent our first night hacking away a hatch so we could access them. 

There was major flooding. We had to buy rain jackets in the middle of summer. I wondered if I would ever see blue skies again. 

The main highway was knocked out. Whole road networks were inaccessible. We backtracked hundreds of kilometres. We took major detours on unsealed roads.
There were times we wondered if we were crazy. If we were going to be able to continue. When the combination of weather and mosquito bites drive us to the brink of insanity.

But in between every bump were adventures, beautiful views, long lazy breakfasts, and days full of cuddles and kisses.

We began to meet amazing people. People with so many stories and knowledge to share. People passionate about what they did and people that embraced us so warmly we felt like family. People that taught us their crafts.

Photo courtesy of @kelllyross

We did amazing hikes and saw beautiful vistas. We watched sunrises from our bed and saw so much wildlife. We found a piece of home everywhere we went.

We learnt practical things like how to paint walls or weed a garden. We learnt how to take care of baby kangaroos and check pouches by the roadside. But we also learnt so much about each other and ourselves. We’ve grown as a couple. We’ve learnt how to give love to total strangers and to accept their generosity. We’ve made friends all over the country, and met people from all over the world.

But most of all we’ve learned to accept that those bumps in the road will always happen. We’ve learned to go with the flow more. To get up in the morning with no idea of where we’ll stay that night and not be the slightest bit worried about it. We’ve learnt to live a more stripped back lifestyle, closer to nature-less waste, less stress, less of the nonsense and more of the important stuff. 

Our journey is far from over. We are still thousands of kilometres from home. We’re currently at a yoga retreat in the outskirts of Sydney, meeting amazing people from all over the world and having experiences I never imagined I’d have. 

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