Surviving in Vegas 

We spent two nights in Las Vegas in the Hard Rock Hotel! This four star hotel cost us $50 a night plus the resort fee (more about that pesky cost later). We’ve never stayed anywhere with such a high star rating, so we were pretty excited about a little taste of luxury! I have to say that our room, was beautiful, the shower was big enough for five, the king bed was comfy and decor was classy. But would we stay there again? Honestly-no. If we ever return to Vegas I think I’d rather seek out a hostel. We found that hotels just aren’t our style. We don’t spend enough time in our hotel room to need somewhere fancy, and we just love the warm welcoming atmosphere at a hostel! When we checked in to the hard rock hotel we were given our keys and told where our room was. When you check in to a hostel you get a map of the area, the staff’s recommendations about where to go, and information about the group outings that the hostel has organised. For us it’s an obvious choice, but it was still nice to see what staying in a decent hotel was like and to have a proper hot shower. And it’s still a budget friendly option too. 

The one and only photo we snapped on the strip

 Now, I came now with a really bad flu when we were on Vegas so I can’t say we were the party animals we were hoping to be. But we still really enjoyed Vegas. It’s the weirdest thing to drive for miles and miles through the middle of nowhere and then arrive at this ridiculous party spot. The lights of the strip shine bright, the alcohol is flowing, and the laws of normal society don’t seem to apply here. So here are a few of our tips for surviving this oasis of immorality in the middle of the desert
1. Skip the strip during the day 

Depending on how long you’re staying in Vegas you’re going to get pretty sick of the strip if you spend all day and night there. There’s plenty more to do around Vegas than just gamble and drink! You can take a trip to lake Mead or Hoover Dam, go hiking in the Red Rock canyon, or visit the National Atomic Testing Museum to learn about Nevada’s nuclear history. After a day exploring you can head back to the strip just as things start to get exciting. 


Lake Mead is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the strip

2. Be weary of resort fees

It’s common for Vegas hotels to add in “resort fees” regardless of whether you have any intention of using these services. As I said above our room was $50 a night, but the resort fee was $25 each-effectively doubling the total cost for the first night. Now overall we still thought the price was reasonable but it’s important to be weary of these hidden charges so you don’t end up getting caught out 
3. Embrace the ridiculousness 
Look, Vegas is crazy. The fake Eiffel Tower, Caeser’s shopping mall designed to transport you to the streets of Italy, the street vendors selling margaritas in sippy cups. It’s unlike any place we’ve ever been and it’s certainly not somewhere we’d stay for an extended period of time. But you just have to laugh at this city of debauchery. You can smoke inside, you can drink on the streets, you can pretend you’re in Venice. You might not win the jackpot, but you’ll certainly have fun. 

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